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Aussie Slang: E - F


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Earbashing: -

My misses can't help herself, she can give me the best earbashing some time but I love the old girl!

Translation: - My wife struggles to contain herself; she is able to non stop chatter.

Esky: -

Stick all the grog in the blue esky and the cook'en stuff in the red on!.

Translation: - Place all the alcohol in the blue insulated container and the food that requires cooking into the red one.


Wow! That's really exy, how do they get away with charging that much?

Translation: - Goodness that is really expensive I can understand how these people are allowed to charge so excessively.

Fair dinkum: -

Is that fair dinkum, did Jerry really carke it a the drags, they say, Billys shelia was with him at the time, cricky!

Translation: - Is that true, Jerry died at the drag racing and Williams girl friend was with him at the time, goodness me.

Fair go: -

Gee wiz mate givus a fair go willya?

Translation: - Golly my friend would you kindly give us a chance would you please?

Fair suck of the sav!: -

Strewth mate, fair suck of the save, thatanit right!

Translation: - golly my friend, I can hardly believe it, that's not possible!

Feral: -

Me misses and me went over to Tommy's place to meet his family and there were a hole bunce o feral's hanging around!

Translation: - My wife and I went over to Thomas home to be formally introduced to his family and there were a lot of hippie's milling around.

Flat out like a lizard drinking: -

Billy asked for some help over his place on Saturdi. and when I got there he was work'en flat of like a lizard drink'en!

Translation: - William asked for some assistance at his home on Saturday, when I arrived I found him to be work furiously hard.

Flick it: -

I might flick that bloody car it's just a bout hadit!

Translation: - I think I will sell that car it is almost worn out.

Fruit loop:=

I told you I went over to Tommy's and meet has family, well I gota tellya are they a bunch of fruit loops.

Translation: - I mention to you that I did pay a visit to Thomas home and was introduced to the family, well I found them to be very silly people.

Full as a goog: -

That afternoon at Billy's I got as full as a goog, I could hardly walk home.

Translation: - That afternoon I spent at Williams, I got very drunk and foud if very difficult to walk home.

Furphy: -

That's the biggest bloody furphy I've heard in a long time, he's full of it that bloke!

Translation: - That is a very false, I don't believe I have ever heard that before and that man seems to tell many untruths.

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