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Aussie Slang: D


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Dag: -

That Tommy he's a bloody dagy bloody basted!

Translation: - That fellow Thomas, he really is a nerd and a poor dresser.

Daks: -

I can't find me new dacks luv where did ya putum!

Translation: - I am finding it difficult to find me new trousers my love could you please tell me where you placed them.

Damper: -

Well the fires started and the tents up I'm gunner make a damper for later!

Translation: - The campfire is well lit and the tents are erected so I will start making some bread for later.

Date: -

Well I couldn't care less, why don't ya stick it up ya date mate!

Translation: - It really doesn't matter to me, why don't you place it in your anus.

Date 2: -

Why don't you two buggers get of ya fate dates and do some bloody work around the place?

Translation: - It could be wise for both of you fellers to stand up and complete a little work around the house.

Dead dingo's donger: -

Cricky mate! I'm dry as a dead dingos donger!

Translation: - Well my friend I am very thirty.

Dead horse: -

The snags on the Barbie smell great mate stick some dead hose on mine!

Translation: - The sausages cooking on the barbeque smell wonderful, may I have some tomato sauce on mine.

Deadset: -

Is that deadset are you being fairdinkum?

Translation: - Are you telling me the truth, really telling me the truth?


There's a bunch of dero's down at the creek!

Translation: - There are number of tramps or hobo's down by the creek.

Dickhead: -

Well what a dickhead he is!

Translation: - This fellow is a very silly person.

Digger: -

I was in the city today and there was some kind of parade on because there were Diggers marching in the streets!

Translation: - I was in the city today, watching a parade and saw very proud Army and Navy men and women marching.

Dill: -

What sort of dill is the bloke, mate!

Translation: - What and idiot that man is my feind.

Dinky-di: -

I bet ya that's dinky-di!

Translation: - I believe that is very genuine.

Dipstick: -

That shelia would have to be the biggest dipstick I have ever meet!

Translation: - That young lady is dumbest loser, idiot It has been my pleasure to meet.

Divvy van: -

When I left the pub yesterdi there was a divvy van there and the cops were putting in Tommy and Billy, they scarboard down the road, Those two were in a blue again!

Translation: - When I left the hotel yesterday I saw Thomas and William be placed into the back of a police van, it drove off very quickly, Thomas and William were fighting again.

Dob: -

I saw those two blokes grab that stuff off the shelf and put it in thee pocket i.m gunner dob em in!

Translation: - I took notice when those two boys took those items placed them in there pockets and failed to pay I am going to telephone the police and tell them.

Dog's balls: -

Bloody hell, Mavis has a bloody big back head on her nose it stands out like dogs balls!

Translation: - Golly Mavis has a very large pimple on her nose and it's very obvious.

Dog's eye: -

When you at the shop grab-in lunch get me a dogs eye with sauce mate!

Translation: - While you are at the shop picking up the lunch order would you but me a meat pie my friend.

Dole bludger: -

Than Jenny and her mates have been dole bulgers for years!

Translation: - Jenny and her friends have been obtaining social assistance for many years.

Donger: -

You know Tommy? Well William tells me he has the biggest donger on any bloke he has ever seen!

Translation: - You Thomas, Well William has told me that Thomas has the largest penis he has ever noticed on a man.

Doodle: -

He plays with his doodle, he never gets it right mate!

Translation: - That man toys with his penis and very really has his facts right.

Down Under: -

I come from the land down under mate!

Translation: - I am an Australian my friend.

Drongo: -

What a bloody drongo he is!

Translation: - That person is really stupid.

Dropkick: -

That bunch are the biggest dipstick I have ever meet!

Translation: - That group of people are losers, idiots. I don't wish tp meet them again.

Drum: -

I'll give you the drum! Its not what you think!

Translation: - I will give the right information, and its not what you thaink.

Dummy spit: -

Cricky mate don't spit the bloody dummy!

Translation: - Golly my friend please don't upset yourself.

Dunny: -

I'm off to the dunny keep me beer warm!

Translation: - I going to the outside lavatory plese ensure my glass of beer is kept cool.


Giz a durry will ya mate I'm out!

Translation: - May I please have a cigarette or a little tobacco my friend, I don't have one off my own at present.

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