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Aussie Slang: C


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Cactus: -

I think she's cactus mate!

Translation: - I believe she is dead my friend. Or not functioning very well.

Cane toad: -

You cane toads should stay a home, wadya want to come and piss us off for!

Translation: - You people from Queensland might like to stay home from time to time rather than come to where we are and up set us.

Captain Cook: -

Will ya take a captin cook at that fellas!

Translation: - Will you please look over and see what is happening gentlemen.

Carked it: -

He's was a great mate and I loved him dearly, bad luck he ad ta carke it at the barbie!

font color="red">Translation: - He was a very nice fellow and I did love him very much, it was very unlucky that he had to drop dead at the barbeque.

Cat burying shit: -

He's always at it, like a cart burring shit!

Translation: - That man is always very busy and he works very fast.

Cat's piss: -

Cricky Billy, I can't believe you drank that, it tastes like cats piss!

Translation: - Goodness William I find it very hard to believe you consumed that drink I found it tasted like cats urine.

Chewie: -

Giz a bit of chewie Billy mate!

Translation: -May I have a piece of chewing gum William?

Chokkie: -

You bastards haven't eaten all the chokkie have ya?

Translation: - You people have not eaten all the chocolate have you?


Hey hun, you won't be long at the pub willya, I'm about to stick the chook in the oven!

Translation: -My darling you won't spend to much time drinking at the hotel will you, I am placing the chicken in the oven now, for dinner.

Chrissie: -

I hope you lot plan to come over to our place for Chrissie, where gunner knock a few back before tuckers put on the table!.

Translation: - I want you all to come over to our home on Christmas day to join us for a few glasses of beer before dinner is served.

Christmas hold: -

Whistle, whistle, that bloody bastered got him in the Christmas hold!

font color="red">Translation: - That nasty person has hold of that man by the NxxS, well he has his hands between the other mans legs.

Chuck a sickie:

You comen to the cricket on Wednsdi, yer, I might hav to chuck a sicky form work!

Translation: -Are joining us at the cricket this coming Wednesday, Yes I would like to, unfortunately I will have to tell my employer that I will be ill, that way I will still receive my salary for the day.

Chunder: -

I had ta take Billy home from the pub last night we were to drunk ta walk so we drove, but the bugger chundered all over the back seat!

Translation: - I took William home from the hotel last evening, we consumed copious amounts of alcohol which made it very difficult to walk so we drove my car unfortunately William was ill and vomited all over my back seat.

Clayton's: -

That'ed have to be a claytons mate!

Translation: - That would be a copy or fake my friend.


I'm off ta the bottle shop luv, they've got a hole bunch of cleanskins on special, I wana pick up a coupe of doz!

Translation: - I am going to the local liquor shop they have a number unlabeled bottles of wine cheaper than normal so I intend I on purchasing two dozen.

Click or clicks: -

You wouldn't believe how many clicks on put on the Ute on that last trip the missis and I did to Perth last time we went ta buggery!

Translation: - It is very hard to believe how many kilometres I ran up on my car on that last trip I did with my wife. We travelled all the way to Perth in Western Australia, that is a very long way.

Clucky: -

You know we got tow kids and youngest is two, well my misses is starting get a little clucky lately!

Translation: - As you know I have two children and my youngest is two years old, well I have noticed lately that my wife is acting very maternal. I think she would like to have another baby.

Cook: -

I came over to ask if you and are going to knock over a few pins on fridi. Well I dunno mate I'll have to ask the cook if I can go!

Translation: - I thought I would pay you a visit to check that you are going ten pin bowling next Friday. Well I really can tell you until I discuss it with my wife.

Coathanger: -

I meet you at the second pylon on the Milson's side of the coat hanger!

Translation: - I will meet you at the second pylon on the Milson's Point side of the harbour Bridge.

Cobber: -

How ourya cobber, I've not seenya for ages!

Translation: - How are you my friend I have not seen you for a long time.

Cockie: -

There's a bunch of cockies down town tryin to stur up the pollies!

Translation: -There are a number of farmers in town making a nuisance of themselves upsetting the local politicians.
Cockie: Can also be known as cockatoo, as in hello Cockie.
Cockie: Can also be known as cockroach.

Cockroach: -

Bloody cockroaches comen up here bein a pain in the arse!

Translation: -People from the state of New South Wales going to Queensland and being very annoying.
Cockroach a term of endearment given to people from New South Wales

Coldie: -

Well I dono about you lot but I'm in for a couple of coldies!

Translation: - Well fellows I am ready for a couple of cold beers, how about you?

Come a gutser: -

Gee wiz he's come a guster!

Translation: -By golly he has made a bad mistake.
Or he has have an bad accident.

Compo: -

I dropped a bloody big hammer on me foot at work taday so I'm claimen it on compo!

Translation: - I had the miss fortune in having a large hammer fall on my foot at work today so I will claim Workers' Compensation pay.

Cooee: -

He's not within cooee mate!

Translation: - That man is that far away he is unable to here me calling.
Cooee can be used in a number of ways. Calling out in the bush to make others aware of where you are.

Corker: -

Strewth that's a real corker mate!

Translation: - By golly that is very god my friend.


You got ya cossie with ya, or you gunner swim in the nuddy mate!

Translation: - Have you brought along your swimming costume or are you going to swim in the nude my friend.

Crack onto: -

I was down at the local the other night and there was as Sheila there that I would just love to crack onto!

Translation: - I happened to be at the local hotel the other evening and there was a very attractive lady there that I would very much like to meet.


You blokes made me so cranky the other night you were all so pissed!

Translation: - All you fellows made me so angry to other evening you were all very drunk.

Crook: -

I was so crook after the buck's night at Billy's I drank that much piss, I spewed all the way home!

Translation: - I was very ill after leaving Williams male gathering, I drank far too much alcohol and vomited a number of times on my way home.

Crow eater: -

Dam crow eaters beat us again, I can't believe it, that team are the best aerial ping pong players I've seen this season!

Translation: - Those South Australians won again, I find it hard to believe that team is that good they are the best Australian Rules Players I have watched this season.

Cubby house: -

My misses wants me to build a cubby house for the kids, and I've got to get itdone before five, I don't want to miss the start of the footy!

Translation: - My wife has asked me to build the children a small play house in the back yard. I will have to hurry, because I prefer not to miss the foot ball game on at five today.

Cut snake; -

There was bloke with a couple of sheilas down at the shops this morn'en really crating a racket, mad as cut snakes they were!

Translation: - There were a man and two ladies at the local shop this morning and they were yelling and screaming, they seemed to be acting very silly.

Cunning as a shit house rat: -

You wana watch out for him he's as cunnning as a shit house rat!

Translation: - You need to be very carefull of that particular fellow he is very cunning.

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