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Aussie Slang: B


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

B & S - Bachelors' and Spinsters' Ball: -

Ay, you gunner go to the B & S with me lov!

Translation: - Are you going to attend the Bachelors' and Spinsters' Ball with me my dear.

Back of Bourke: -

Bloody hell mate its past the baca -Bourke!

Translation: - Well my friend it is a very long way away.

Bail up:

I was bailed up at the pub by a couple of blokes the other night and they gave it to me!

Translation: - I was cornered at the hotel the other evening by two men who physically attacked me.

Bail out: -

I'm bailin outa-here-mate!

Translation: - I am leaving here right now my friend.

Banana bender: -

What' up withyou, you bloody banana bender!

Translation: - Excuse me are you upset with me you naughty Queensland person.

Barbie: -

Sick a snag on the barby mate!

Translation: - Please place a sausage on the barbecue for me my friend.

Barrack: -

I barrack for South's mate!

Translation: - I cheer for the South Sydney football club.


What are ya-upto-ya old bastard?

Translation: - What have you been doing my old friend? Or a term of endearment.

Bathers: -

Hang on a mini while I stick on me bathers lov! I can't find the string!

Translation: Please wait a moment while I put on my swimming costume my dear. I am having a little trouble with the cord!

Battler: -

You know he's a real battler that bloke!

Translation: - The fellow works very hard just earn a living.

Beaut or beauty: -

Struth , he's a bloody beauty cobber! That's one of the biggest fish I've ever seem mate!

Translation: - By golly, he is really fantastic my friend that is one of the largest fish I have ever seen my friend.

Big-note oneself: -

I See Tommy is sprooken off again big not'en him self all over the place, recon I'm as good as him!

Translation: - I see Thomas is at it again telling everyone how wonderful he is, I believe I can be just as good!


Giz a bikky will-ya mate, I like to hav one with me cuppa!

Translation: - Pass me a biscuit please my friend I do like to have one with my cup of tea.

It cost big bikkies: -

I brought it at the hardi, crickey it cost big bikkies!

Translation: - I purchased it from the hardware store and it cost a lot of money.

Billabong: -

I caught this yabbie down in the billabong!

Translation: - I caught this crayfish down in the watering hole. Stream, Pond, Watering hole..

Billy: -

Put the billy on mate

Translation: - Please put on the kettle for tea my friend. Teapot or container to boil water.

Bingle: -

I just had a huge bingle in the car lov!

Translation: - I just had a motor vehicle accident or smash the car my dear.

Bities: -

These blasted bities just keep after me!

Translation: - The very annoying small insects keep bighting me.

Bitzer: -

She's a bitzer mate!

Translation: - That dog seems to be a very mixed breed my friend. Or mongrel dog, bits of this and bits of that.

Bizzo: -

I put it in the bizzo mate!

Translation: - I placed the item in the place you recommended.

Or; -

Mind you're own bizzo mate.

Translation: - Please mind your own business my friend.

Black Stump: -

Crickey that's further than the black stump!

Translation: - Golly, That is a very log way away.

Back of nowhere: -

That's from the back of nowhere mate!

Translation: - I don't know where that comes from it could be from any where.

Bloke: -

He's a funny bloke mate!

Translation: - That gentleman is quite humorous my friend.

Bloody: -

That was bloody hard yakka mate!

Translation: - That was very hard work, my friend.

Bloody oath!: -

Bloody oath mate!

Translation: - That is very true my friend.

Blow in the bag: -

I got pulled over by the boys in blue and had toa blow in the bag mate!

Translation: - I was flagged down by the police and was made take a breathalyser test.

Blowie: -

Blasted blowies are riving me nuts!

Translation: - These annoying fly's are driving me to ditraction.

Bludger: -

He's a bloody bludger that bloke!

Translation: - That person always relies on other people to do things or lend him things he is a very lazy man.

Blue or blu'en: -

He can't help himself he's away in a blue!

Translation: - That person has an issue with others he is always in a fight.

Blu'en: -

Blu'en: He's aways blu'en with his misses!

Translation: - That person is always fight with his wife.

Blue: -

Cricky I made a big blue there!

Translation: - I made a very large mistake when I did that.

Bluey: -

I was cracking along in the car and got done by a camera, the bluey turned up today!

Translation: - I was speeding along went through a speed camera and the traffic ticket arrived toady.

Bluey can also mean, Gooday bluey!

Translation: - Hello redhead.

Bluey can also mean: -

Blue cattle dog, so called because of there colouring.

Translation: - A favourite all-Aussie dog.

Bodgie: -

That's a bodgie mate!

Translation: - That item is off inferior quality

Bog in: -

Don't hang about mate, bog in!

Translation:Translation; Please don't just stand there commence eating.

Bogan: -

That bloke is just the biggest bogan!

Translation: - That gentleman has very little pride in his appearance and drinks to much.

Bogged: -

Cricky I've got the blasted car bogged!

Translation: - Well that's bad luck I have stuck the motor car deep in the mud.

Bonzer: -

That's bloody bonzer mate!

Translation: - That is very good my friend.

Boomer: -

That's one of the biggest boomers I've ever seen!

Translation: - That is the largest male kangaroo I have ever seen.

Booze bus: -

Watch out for the booze bus on Smith Street!

Translation: - There is a police vehicle on Smith Street conducting breathalyser tests tying to catch alcohol drinkers.

Boozer: -

Hey luv, I'm duck'en down to the boozer for a couple coooldies wanta come!

Translation: - Well dear I am going down the road to the local hotel for one or two glasses of cold beer, would you like to come along?

Bored shitless: -

That would hav to be the worst movie I've ever seen, I was bored shitless!

Translation: - The movie I just finished watching was one of the worst I have ever seen and it was very, very boring

Bottle shop: -

I'm ducken down to the bottle shop luv ta grab a slab!

Translation:- I am going to the liquor bottle shop to buy a carton of beer.

Bottler: -

That's a bloody bottler mate!.

Translation: - That's excellent my friend.

Bottling, his blood's: -

My mate Bills blood is worth bottling!

Translation: - My friend William is an excellent person he is always very helpful.

Bounce: -

If your not careful mate I'll bounce you on ya head!

Translation: - You should be very careful my friend or I just might hit you very hard.

Brass razoo:

That bloke hasn't got a brass razo!

Translation: - That man has no money.

Brekkie: -

I'm ducken down for some brekkie luv!

Translation: - I will be heading off to breakfast now my love.

Brick shit house: -

I don't think I've ever seen a bloke as big as him he's build like a brickshit house!

Translation: - I am unable to remember every seeing a man of this size, he is very well built.

Brickie: -

My mate tommy works as a brickie on Satterdi and Sundi!

Translation: - My friend Thomas is employed as a bricklayer on the weekends.

Brizzie: -

Hey guys howabout we head up ta Brisie this Saterdi.

Translation: - My friends let us drive up to Brisbane this Saturday. Brisbane is the major city in Queensland

Brumby: -

Let's go bush this weekend and take a sqizz and stir up the Brumby's!

Translation: - let us go out to the country side the coming weekend and see the wild horses and we might try to upset them a little.

Buck's night: -

Yu guys go'en to Bills buck night next week!

Translation: - Are you boys all going to Williams male gathering the night before the wedding next weekend.

Buckley's: -

Yuv got bucklies chance in hades of winner that mate!

Translation:Translation; You do not have any chance of winning that one my friend.

Budgie smugglers: -

You goen in fa a swim Tom, Yar wait til I get on me budgie smuggles mate!

Translation: -Are you going in the water for a swim Tom? Yes wiwt one moment while I put on my swimming/bathing costume my friend.

Bull bar: -

I hit that bloody roo last night in me ute. Did't hert the car the bull bar saved me!

Translation: - I had an accident in my utility car last evening I hit a kangaroo. I did not damage the car the big crash bar fixed to the front saved me.

Bundy: -

Time for a couple of bundy's hey mate!

Translation: - I feel it's the moment for a glass or two of Bundy Rum.
The brand name of a rum drink that's made in Queensland.

Bush: -

My little brother Lance is in the Bash again this year 15 bloody years he's be goen!

Translation: - My smaller brother Lance is heading off on the Varity Club fund raiser car club event again this year. He is a 15 year verterian.
The Variety Club of Australia holds an outback (country) car rally every year.

Bush telly: -

You lot unpack the ute and trailer en I'll get the telly goen!

Translation: - You fellows unpack the car and trailer while I start up the campfire.

Bushie: -

I tel ya he's a bushie from way back!

Translation: - I would like to let you know that man has been living in the bush for a long time.

Bushman's hanky: -

Strikmelucky, he's done it again, a bloody bushie!

Translation: - Well what do you know than man has blown his nose for the second time without a hanky.
This works by placing one index finger on the outside of the nose and blowing hard.

Bushranger: -

They say he's one of the smartest bushraners, but they'll catch him!

Translation: - People comment about how smart that criminal is, however I am sure the policy will catch him.

BYO: -

I know that restaurant is licensed but they say you can BYO!

Translation: - That restaurant is fully licensed, however they do allow you to bring you own alcohol.

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