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Aussie Slang: A


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Aces: -

"Sheelbe aces mate! idt'll be orright"

Translation: - "It will be very good" or don't worry every thing will be all right.

"That's ace" or Bloody ace!; -

Translation: - "That is the best."

Aerial ping pong:-

"There's a game of aerial ping pong goen' on over there!"

Translation: - There is a game of Australian Rules Football being played over there!"
Australian Rules Football:- A game played with an oval or egg shaped leather ball. Often called just Aussie Rules.

Coldies: -

"I'll tell ya, I could knock back a couple of cold ambers right now!"

Translation: - "Just to let you know, I could drink one or two cold glasses of beer at the moment."

Aggro: -

"I get bloody aggro about these things sometimes!"

Translation: - "I am very upset and aggravated about these things sometimes."

Ambo: -

"There goes an ambo, bloody 'ell e's fly'en!."

Translation: - "An ambulance is going by and travelling very fast."

Ant's pants: -

"There the ants pants mate, hey!"

Translation: - "Those items is really look great my friend"

Ankle biter: -

I needed to get outa-th-house the ankle biters were dirvin me nuts!

Translation: - I had to get out of the house the children were upsetting me very much.

Alf: -

What a bloody alfy, he is, he's just not normal that bloke!

Translation: - I consider that person to be very stupid. He is not as normal as other men.

Apples: -

You can't seem ta get it right mate? Sheel be apples mate!.

Translation: - You seem to be having a little trouble my friend ? - No everything well be or right my friend there's nothing to be concerned about.

Apple eaters: -

- I was out ta lunch with bunch of apple eaters the other night, nice blokes!

Translation: - I had lunch with a group form Tasmania the other evening, very nice men.

Avos: -

While your at the shops lov grab a few avos for me!

Translation: - While you're attending the local store please pick me up a few avocados my love.

Arvo: -

You lot comm'en over this arvo!

Translation: - Are all of you attending this afternoon

Ava-go-yer-mug: -

Ga'rn! Ava-go-yer-mug!

font color="red">Translation: - Go and do it, please take the opportunity to try now, you stupid person.

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