Pet Accommodation

"Pet's Bed and Breakfast? - It's all about creature comforts, mate!
- A place in the country would be nice! Ruff, let's e-mail and book in!"

Kennels and Catteries for the Comfort of Your Favourite Pet

Pet Accommodation in Australia

"Hey! As you are making plans for your holiday, you may consider one of the fantastic resort style accommodations available for us loving wonderful, always forgiving pets.

We could enjoy a relaxing weekend in the WINE COUNRTY . Or we might like a few days in the MOUNTIANS bushwalking. Maybe something near a river where we could run about or just lay in the sun. The above is all true and all these places are available and more."

"Pets Also Need a Break"

"We know you can't always take us with you everywhere you go, and the separation seems to distress you as much as it does us. We would like to tell you how much we miss you and love you when you are away, but we can't. So the minute we hear you returning you know we get very excited and when we see you we run and jump to kiss you to show our affection."

Pet Accommodation Australia

"Now I have been thinking"

"When you go away next, maybe you could place us into a very nice five star resort style situation. Something set in a picturesque, tranquil setting, close to a NATIONAL PARK . You know, somewhere so that when we arrive we can settle in quickly, meet the other guests and feel comfortable in the surroundings, of course with the right abeyance and a good restaurant, foods important, just a few amenities would be very nice. A pool or creek would be good."

"Oh! And we would like to be pampered a little, you know, brushed regularly, and I would like to have my nails done while I'm there. Hmmmm!

"Staying in this type of accommodation places me right in with the locals, and in many cases the owners of the resort. I know they have the knowledge about how to look after us and if they take us out for a walk, we will get to see best tourist attractions."

Pet Accommodation Australia

"Fair Dinkum! Anything Else?"

"Well yes, as a matter of fact, there is! I would like some soothing music, air conditioning and a large grassed area running beside a creek where we can romp and play for fun and safe exercise. Well, what do you think"?

"A Pets Holiday"

Pet accommodation while you are away on holiday is a serious matter and needs your careful consideration. There are hundreds of boarding places throughout Australia and you will find a terrific selection right here.

If only our pets could talk, all the secrets would be out?

Pet Accommodation Australia

Photo from Jambel Kennels


"Oh! I also wanted to mention retirement. In a couple of years I will be ready to go to the farm. You know I'm not as spritely as I once was and I'm not that keen on needles, if you know what I mean. So how about looking around for a place where I can spend my last few months in peace in my, er, your, older years. Let's face it you are not going to be able to care for me and I don't want you left with a difficult decision.

"I would like to go to a place where I can be cared for and treated well, somewhere where pets are important, a magnificent home, where they will give your faithful friend, THAT'S ME, all the care and attention I deserve. A home away from home so to speak.

"These places are around so see if you can hunt one up for me please. Thanks, Brufus"




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