Popular Aussie Interests and Hobbies

"Aussies are well known for their inventiveness"

The Beach, Horse Racing, Snow skiing, Kite Flying, Collecting

Hobbies and Interests

Australian's are great collectors and collect just about anything

From Teaspoons to Cigarette Cards, Beatles and Elvis Presley memorabilia, postage stamps, trains, train sets, antiques, match-box toys, ceramic dolls and anything else you can think off.

Someone in AUSTRALIANS will have a collection. Collecting is not all we like to do, one of the biggest interests for Australians is horse racing, you will find a TAB (Betting shop) in just about every CITY, town and PUB in the country, including the OUTBACK. In general Aussies do enjoy having

Local Social and Sports Clubs

Many Australians support there local social clubs. Which are in just about every major city or town in the country?

They have restaurants, entertainment, dances, bingo and poker nights, gambling machines as well as entertainment for everyone taste including the children and many outside activities as well. You will find entertainment amoung other things listed under the capital cities pages

Aussies are great volunteers too!

Many of the clubs are non-profit organizations that put much back into their local communities, by employing many and supporting the local charities like the disabled and sporting associations.

Many have internal FISHING, darts, snooker, and LAWN BOWLS clubs. Not forgetting the social events, live bands, and karaoke nights.

There are Surf clubs, RSL, (Returned Servicemen's league) clubs, football clubs and workers clubs to mention a few.

Other hobbies include, needle work, sewing, knitting and patch-work quilting is growing at a rapid speed and SPORTS can't be left out We play FOOTBALL , CRICKET, TENNIS is a favorite and in parts of Australia in the winter months is snows, so SNOW SKIING is popular Australia has some 36000 Kilometers of coast line with some of the best breaks in the world, SURFING is a sport many are really into. That is just a small sample of some of the things Australian like to do with time!

Surfing Homesteads Scuba Bushwalk Sport Beaches
Australians Interests

Australians also like to help their fellow Aussies!

In time of catastrophe WE ARE All THERE TO HELP Aussies are not shy and we will dip into our pockets no matter how broke we are to help our fellow Australians when they are in trouble.

VOLUNTEERING is a way of life for many of us. We join the bush FIRE BRIGADE; deliver meals on wheels, help train a dog for the blind, visit a person in hospital, become a SURF LIFE SAVER or just knock on doors to collect money for the red cross.

Australia is a large land and we have a small population, and our country is subject to the whole range of natural disasters.

Aussies are fortunate that there are so many people willing to give up their time to help others


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